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RS&F's healthcare consulting division provides results-oriented healthcare consulting services to a wide variety of practices. With offices in Maryland and Florida, we’ve helped hundreds of medical groups and organizations maximize revenue, reduce expenses, grow their practices, manage risk, and satisfy patients and employees.

Our team can help your practice become more profitable, enjoyable, and efficient. We provide as much or as little assistance as you need, from improving your coding and billing practices to transitioning your office to population health. Given that virtually every practice will be audited in the next two years, we ensure that you are compliant as well as profitable.

Since 1981, we’ve delivered first-class consulting services to a variety of healthcare entities, including solo practices, large multi-specialty and academic medical groups, and non-profits.


Medicare Coverage and Payment of Virtual Services

Our Clients Include

Strengthening practice operations, improving profits, and facilitating harmony

RSFHA has helped hundreds of group practices – from small primary care practices to large multi-specialty groups – strengthen their operations and achieve organizational harmony. Let us help your group improve performance in a specific area of concern or in all aspects of your practice. We’ll provide insight, identify strengths, and expose weaknesses to maximize your revenue and improve your patient care.

Forging new relationships to improve patient care and profitability

With reimbursement shifting to population-based approaches, physicians and hospitals are working together more than ever before.Using our vast experience and deep knowledge of the healthcare industry, our consultants identify the optimal model to help each partner succeed.We can help with any or all of the following:

Merging practices and creating new entities

We help hospitals and physicians evaluate potential partners and create strategies to bring together entities with different cultures, operational systems, and infrastructure that ensure a successful new joint organization.

Recruiting and hiring new physicians

Physicians and hospitals alike may benefit from employment or affiliation relationships. Our expert consultants help hospitals evaluate potential medical practices to determine their fit with the hospital’s culture and goals.

Establishing Accountable Care Organizations(ACOs) and Clinically Integrated Networks(CINs)

ACOs and CINs have become increasingly popular entities as managing the health of an entire population becomes the accepted approach in healthcare. These entities can provide the integrated services needed to compete today, but they require thorough analysis and thoughtful consideration. Whether you are part of a medical practice or a hospital, our consultants help you determine the most viable models and develop strategies for successful implementation.

Evaluating acquisition offers

When hospitals seek to acquire a physician practice, both parties must evaluate the benefits and pitfalls of the acquisition. We help you and your key financial and legal advisors assess an offer and craft a mutually beneficial outcome for all parties.

Strengthening the viability of non-profit organizations

Non-profit healthcare entities, including Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), private clinics and xxx, play an essential role in their communities, providing critical services to low income, uninsured, under insured, and medically indigent patients.

RSFHA recognizes your value and understands the challenges you face today. We’ve helped numerous non-profit entities maintain their viability with effective strategies and tactics to allow you to continue to provide the healthcare services your community needs.

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